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Hermaphrodites free phone chat SHARE ONThis is the transcript of a podcast episode. To listen to the episode in its entirety click hereWithout porn and Star Trek there would be no Internet. Star Trek television producer Rick BermanIts commonly accepted that with any new medium or technological advance sex and pornographic material can often be the catalystthat drives early adoption. Among the first things produced after the invention of the printing press were of course bibles but along side the bibles there wasribald and bawdy poetry and stories. When photography was developed in the 19th century photographic commerce was mostly about selling people portraits of themselves or their loved onesat least initially. What really kicked off an industry for photographs was the marketing of pictures of other people in the nude. These pictures were largely marketed as artistic model studies for aspiring artists but that does little to explain why they sold in the tens of millions. The Crimean war in the 1850s and the American Civil war

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